Field Studies and Activities

Elementary, middle and high school students participate in restoration efforts at local natural areas through regular “field outings”. School grounds improvements involving rain gardens, tree plantings, and hedgerows are also part of the program. Each field outing focuses on a particular ecological lesson and follows with a corresponding stream or wetland restoration activity. 

Restoration Proces

Each restoration project follows the basic steps of the restoration process:1) Assessment 2) Plan 3) Implementation 4) Re-Assessment 5) Completion 6) Monitoring and Maintenance 7) Reporting

To restore the land one must live and work in a place. The place will welcome whomever approaches it with respect and attention. To work in a place is to bond to a place: people who work together in a place become a community, in time, grows to a culture. To restore the wild is to restore culture.
— Gary Snyder

community educators

In order to introduce related themes and broader concepts, environmental professionals; engineers, healthcare professionals, artists and social scientists will be invited to participate with students in field activities, and share a brief intorduction to their profession.