Arata Creek School Kari Sanders, Principal

Arata students and staff spend time enhancing Heron Pointe Wetland in the City of Fairview. Students have planted native plants, dug up the roots of invasive plants, installed coffee bags as a weed barrier around native plants as well as putting in live stakes which start out as what look like "cut sticks of willow" but over time become trees twenty feet tall. 



La Salle High School

Since 2006 Teachers and students at La Salle have been the stewards of Phillips Creek, removing shopping carts, tires, and trash swept into the creek by stormwater running off 82nd Ave and the Clackamas Town Center Mall. Phillips Cr. is the classic urban stream overwhelmed by human impacts, sandwiched in between roads, apartments, and a mall. Still, undaunted by the challenge La Salle students continue to clean-up the area and have re-established a native plant riparian corridor. 



Clackamas High School

Since 2002 Clackamas High School teachers and students have been making a difference first at the Summers Lane Wetland, then at the Mountain Sun Drive Wetland, and then finally along Rock Creek at the Troge Rd site where students planted 3,000 native plants and removed 2,5 acres of Himalayan blackberry, and Reed canary grass, and other invasive plants.