Dig In staff have been guiding Oregonians in restoration of streams and wetlands for over 16 years, and have successfully implemented restoration and maintenance grants since 2005. We are currently working at 13 sites throughout the Portland Metro area.


committed to success, for the long haul

Through onsite instruction, community and student volunteers learn to remove invasive weeds and plant native trees and shrubs to improve water quality and wildlife habitat conditions. Many times volunteers then take this knowledge home to their own yards and other community projects.

Dig In maintains each restoration site for five years to ensure project success and sustainability. All landowner permission forms are current and on file for each site.



where we work

Dig In works on restoration sites in the following watersheds:

  • Beaver Creek - Troutdale
  • Heron Pointe Wetland - Fairview
  • Phillips Creek - Clackamas
  • Mt Scott Creek - Happy Valley
  • Rock Creek - Damascus
  • Rinearson Creek - Gladstone
  • Clackamas River, Dahl Beach - Gladstone
  • Carter Creek - Lake Oswego
  • Trillium Creek - SW Portland
  • Lower Johnson Creek (2 sites) - Beaverton
  • Johnson Creek, Brookhaven - Beaverton
  • Council Creek - Cornelius


Those children and young people who now hunger for a cause worth a liftime commitment could become the architects and designers and political force of the fourth frontier, connecting their own children and future generations to nature — and delight

Nature introduces children to the idea — to the knowing — that they are not alone in the world and that realities and dimensions exist alongside their own.

Perhaps as the years go by, these young people will realize their sense of purpose in this cause, and dedicate their careers to it. Not just as a matter of ideology, or even survival, but because they see the potential joy that they and their own children could share someday, as could many of us —- if we act quickly.
— Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods