Rooted in the ethic of service-leadership, Dig In Community's mission is to provide opportunities for all youth to connect with nature, learn field ecology, restore their local environment, and develop as future environmental leaders. 


The health of Oregonians depends on a healthy environment and a regular and real connection with nature. Dig In Community envisions an Oregon where all young people connect to nature, to each other, and to their community -- where restoration of natural systems is the result of student and community stewardship efforts, and where all students learn to be community leaders.



Young people are spending very little time outside in nature. Connected to technology for hours and hours each day, they live in a virtual world without understanding of nature. Getting outside and improving the local environment develops a sense of place, an improved understanding of science, and improved mental and physical health. 


The next generation will inherit a world with many environmental challenges: climate change, water quality, fresh water quantity, air quality, and soil health, amongst many others.  Students need training in environmental stewardship and opportunities to lead. Our curriculum for student field outings is aligned with specific Common Core, NGSS, and the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan requirements. We work closely with exceptional teachers to offer leadership opportunities.


Students and community volunteers learn the value of natural systems and techniques for improving the environmental health of urban streams and wetlands. In order to teach and promote an appropriate restoration process, Dig In follows the Society of Ecological Restoration's "The Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land Workbook" which outlines 10 basic steps to restoring the land from mapping and assessment to implementation and monitoring.