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Dig In Community began in August of 2016 to assure the continuing service to young students, to kids across the region, to getting kids outside, connecting to nature, and to learning science and serving the community by restoring the environment.


Dig In Community needs "founders". The organization needs 300 people committed to the Dig In vision and to developing the next generation of environmental leaders. By donating just $10 per month you can be a part of the founding of Dig In Community. Your commitment to young people is like the western red cedar planted in good soil, providing benefits far into the future. 



Download "Spring Mountain Elementary Newsletter"

Download "Robert Gray Middle School Newsletter"

Spring mountain elementary

Students of all grades at Spring Mountain Elementary gather in the classroom as the final bell rings.  “Green Team afterschool” comes from the loudspeaker as the students gather and take their seats.  They eat a quick snack and change into their boots and raingear.  The students line up at the door and head out to their site, crossing the road is always an adventure as a policeman stops traffic and they head onto the trail.  Students run down the path, excitement in the air, racing to the stream.  As they arrive on site, they are quick to put on gloves and listen to the activity of the day.  Its planting day!  Students listen as they learn about native plants in Oregon.  Snowberry, salmonberry, Western Red Cedar and vine maple.  Why are these plants important?  “For the animals,” the students yell, “for the roots”, and “for shade”.   Students get in partners, grab and shovel and go on a search for a tree to be planted.  “I’ve found one” you hear students yell.  They work together to dig a hole, making sure it’s the right size for their plant.  “Shake out the dirt and do the plant dance!” is the next step as students fill in the hole and dance around the plant to make sure it will like its new home.  “Make sure you give it a name”...  Tree after tree is planted as students work together to remember all the steps.