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Dig In Community began in August of 2016 to assure the continuing service to young students, to kids across the region, to getting kids outside, connecting to nature, and to learning science and serving the community by restoring the environment.


Dig In Community needs "founding donors!" The organization needs 300 people committed to the Dig In vision and to developing the next generation of environmental leaders. By donating just $10 per month you can be a part of the founding of Dig In Community. Your commitment to young people is like the western red cedar planted in good soil, providing benefits far into the future. 


November 8, 2017

National Wildlife Federation Oregon: 

"We had a great time today with Clackamas High School, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Dig In Community doing stream enhancement. Students learned salmon anatomy through a fun, messy dissection, and then returned these fish to the river to decompose and return their nutrients back to the ecosystem. Thanks for helping with this important stage in the salmon cycle!"